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Show your loved ones, how much you care about them by building them their very own piece of custom jewelry. Our vast selection of products allows our customers a large array of options when it comes to making their own jewelry. 

Tell your story with a floating locket. Let the charms show your dreams, accomplishments, memories, and things you love all in one locket.

It’s super simple,

  1. Choose a living locket
  2. Select some charms or crystals
  3. Add a plate or window plate
  4. Enhance with a dangle or a tag
  5. Create flair by layering your look
  6. Complete your order and you’ll be wearing your living locket in no time.

Stylish stacking bracelets take an unforgettable turn when the legendary touch of love works its spell. Personalize your loved ones stackable bracelet today!

Change your jewelry to match your mood or outfit in a snap! The Snap It Jewelry is interchangeable and allows you to change your look in one Snap!

It’s as easy as 1…2…3 with our beautiful and fun high-quality Snaps to it jewelry bases and snaps!

Some of our most recently added products

All Orders of $25.00 or more that ship within the United States come with FREE SHIPPING. Make sure to check out the shop for a full listing of all of our products.

Our experts

Ask us about any of your jewelry needs.
Brandy Horton

Brandy Horton

Business Owner/Jewelry Crafter

I have fell in love with making personalized jewelry. It makes me happy when someone comes in to make that special gift and I am able to help them.

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